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Our Team

Meet Our Staff

FOUNDER - music therapist

Maive Arndt

Maive Arndt is a music therapist with over 30 years of teaching experience.

CoFounder - Music Producer and Instructor

Bruno Arndt

Bruno is a very well-rounded instructor and teaches drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, and music production.

Manager, Tutor & Music Instructor

Mayra Arndt

Marya is House of Music PSL’s manager and has been tutoring for over 8 years.

Financial Administrator

Gilberto Arndt

Gilberto graduated with Business Administration in Brazil. He ran Music Schools in Brazil for over 15 years.

Piano & vocal INSTRUCTOR

Amanda Olivieri

Amanda teaches piano and voice lessons here at House of Music.

Piano & vocal INSTRUCTOR

Emanuel Gonzalez

Emanuel teaches the fundamentals of vocals and piano.


Gary Holloway

Gary teaches piano, wind instruments, and guitar here at House of Music PSL.


Elvira Marquette

Elvira is an experienced piano instructor here at House of Music PSL.


Sheila Martins

Sheila teaches piano, voice, ukulele, early music education, music theory, and harmonization.


Maria Majka Nowak

Maria is a decorated artist that teaches visual arts here at House of Music PSL.

visual arts Instructor

Arthur Linhares

Arthur teaches the following techniques: illustration, cartoon, manga, realistic and painting, and can teach ALL AGES.

Violin, Spanish and Tutoring Instructor

Ariana Lora

Ariana teaches violin, Spanish language classes and as well as tutoring classes.

music therapist, music & vocal educator

Nilsa Pozo

Nilsa is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Singer, FLDOE/TEA certified teacher, and medical interpreter.

music therapist & music educator

Paula Brandileone

Paula is an experienced Musician and Music Teacher with 30+ years of work in the area.

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